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Integrate deep learning forecasting to
superpower your inventory processes
Partnerships are our cornerstone. We seek allies who recognise AI’s transformative impact on retail, and envision the future as we do. Through our AI integration program, partners can offer retailers and brands acces to advanced technology and differentiation, without disrupting existing workflows.
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Specialized AI integration program for retail to supercharge ERP and inventory processes

The value we offer for
every partnership:

Stay at the forefront of
technological advancement

Usually, only the industry leaders like Walmart and Shein have the amounts of data and investment capability to enable deep learning AI. We are levelling the playing by offering you world’s leading forecasts accuracy based on huge amounts of proprietary data.

Integrate WAIR's AI in
every operation

Our AI seamlessly integrate into current operations. No major changes, no disruptions – just a straightforward path to make static processes into dynamic processes, enabling highly profitable growth for clients with existing workflows

Benefit from unparalleled
forecasting accuracy

We promise sales forecasts so accurate, you won’t find the same level of accuracy in any other usual methods.

Transform into an AI-driven,
self-learning powerhouse

WAIR transforms businesses by connecting it to a powerful network that amplifies their data capabilities. We aggregate the data from all clients, partners and global third-party databases, solving common issues like insufficient and sparse data. More partners, more data, better forecasting, more growth for everyone.

Growth together, using
WAIR's startup spirit

Tap into our startup energy and love for fashion and retail. We care more about working together than just pushing technology. Togerher we can challenge industry giants, make our industry reselient, and grow together using smart tech.

In today's retail world, extra
revenue avenues are essential

In today’s retail world, extra revenue avenues are essential. WAIR provides partners with both partnership value and a financial boost. By choosing our AI technologies, partners are on a route to revenue growth. Retailers and brands, meanwhile, enjoy operations that are fine-tuned for maximum margins.

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