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WAIR’s AI replenisher can forecast the target SKU quantities for up to a week ahead. This is possible with a full integration into your current ERP system. Take a look into reducing waste, improving margins and becoming more efficient.

Our evolutionary technology

WAIR has the most advanced AI ForecastGPT-2.5

Key differences

Key differences between classical and deep learning forecasting are: intelligence potential, data processing, data diversity, features, error and bias reduction, time saving, multi-purpose utility, and enhanced learning capability.

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WAIR way



AI replenisher

Predicts the target SKU quantities 7 days ahead

WAIR’s AI Replenisher is a sophisticated tool designed to revolutionize retail inventory management. It predicts target SKU quantities for each shop floor up to 7 days ahead and automatically adjusts inventory levels within your software for efficient replenishment​​. This system transforms inventory management by leveraging accurate sales forecasts to strategically allocate stock, enhancing forecast accuracy by 29%​​. Utilized by brands like Shoeby and Daka, it makes SKU-level sales predictions for their physical stores and customizes replenishment strategies. The ERP system adjusts stocking limits based on customer demand trends and sales performance​​​​.

WAIR’s approach transcends the limitations of isolated models. By harnessing large, diverse datasets, it increases accuracy and minimizes bias. This pooled industry data approach is underpinned by the GPT-2.5 model, which incorporates over 100 features and millions of parameters, leveraging both external and internal data for insightful forecasting.

Overall, the AI Replenisher leads to streamlined operations, reduced stock transfers, and optimized sales, thereby enhancing profitability.

Our cases

AI inventory management like never before


In the case of Daka, another very large sports & lifestyle retailer with 16 physical stores WAIR's AI inventory management has been instrumental in improving efficiency. Using our replenisher the overstock has been reduced from 51% to only 5% overstock.

Only for Men

This big men's fashion company has seen a boost of 29% in forecast accuracy. Across a 21 store large company this naturally results in a massive improvement of efficiency.


Shoeby's 240 physical stores used the WAIR replenisher to make SKU sales predictions. Harnessing AI to forecast customer behaviour resulted in a revenue boost of 2.96%. In the retail market where margins are razor thin such an implementation opens up much more space to breathe.

Five compelling reasons to choose WAIR for revolutionary retail inventory management

Unparalleled SKU forecasting accuracy, advanced inventory management, seamless ERP integration, cost-effective implementation, and deep retail expertise for dynamic and efficient market adaptation.

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Over prediction


under prediction

Traditional replenisher



Over prediction


under prediction

AI replenisher

Reduced overstock by 53% and increase sale

WAIR’s AI Replenisher is an advanced tool for retail inventory management, predicting SKU quantities for shopfloors seven days in advance and automating inventory adjustments​​. It enhances forecast accuracy by 29%, reshaping inventory strategies​​. Companies like Shoeby and Daka benefit from its SKU-level sales predictions. Specifically, Daka, using the AI Replenisher for its 18 stores, implemented customized replenishment strategies, resulting in a significant reduction of overstock by 47 percentage points​​. The solution leverages large, diverse datasets, powered by the GPT-2.5 model with millions of parameters, to offer superior forecasting accuracy​​.

Predicting SKU needs up to 14 days ahead, it minimizes overstock and eliminates understock​​, integrating seamlessly with existing software for easy management and adjustment of stock levels​​. The AI Replenisher’s deep learning model uncovers patterns across various factors like seasonality and weather, optimizing stock levels to match demand​​.

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