Wair’s story

WAIR is an innovative retail tech company that develops deep learning models to enhance existing operational processes with intelligent capabilities. We brought teams and people of experienced retail experts and highly skilled AI/ML experts together in delivering on the promise of AI. We originated from a partnership with between business and AI and saw the enormous potential. From that we decided to move forward into a global solution that benefits all.

Our mission

Democratizing the technology that only tycoons possess

We’re on a mission to reshape the retail industry by democratizing state-of-the-art AI, ensuring it’s available to everyone. Our cornerstone approach for this transformation is grounded in sophisticated time series forecasting, functioning at every aggregation level and for any given moment in time. To make this mission a reality, we’ve pioneered ROI-driven solutions that can be showcased within tangible virtual simulations – allowing stakeholders to visualize results before committing to a full technology adoption. This ensures rapid, risk-free adoption across the industry. Our ultimate goal? To transition all existing workflows into highly dynamic, data-driven processes.

Where are we going

Our vision

Empowering businesses with Advanced General Intelligence (AGI) to maximize profitability, thereby fostering a world where heightened returns lead to significant investments in a better planet and the revival of human creativity

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